BMI and Balanced diet // What is nutrition (Part-4)

BMI and Balanced diet

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BMI and Balanced diet

Body Mass Index (BMI)

After the birth of a child, his body begins to grow and later he goes through childhood, adolescence and reaches adolescence and adulthood. The human body grows for 20-24 years and then there is no increase in height. Then the job of food is only to compensate the body and keep the body healthy, strong and wholesome.

Adult health requires a balance of body weight with body height. The BMI (BMI: Body Mass Index) is an indicator of weight balance with body height. If the body weight is in harmony with the height, then the body is said to be healthy in terms of nutrition.

BMI and Balanced diet
BMI’s law is: Body weight (kg) / [Body height (meters)]2
That is, if the body weight is divided by the square of the height of the body, the result will be that person BMI.
Example: Suppose one’s body weight is 60 kg and height is 1.6 m BMI = 60 / (1.6 x 1.6) = 24.8 (approx.) BMI is an indicator of the amount of fat in our body. The value of 25 is a healthy and normal BMI. If it is less than one can be considered as underweight and if it is more then he can be considered as obese.

BMI and Balanced diet

What will be the daily meal

While discussing the importance of nutrition in this chapter, we got an idea about calories and kilocalories. An adult physically active person should consume 2000-2500 kcal daily. It is important to take vitamins, mineral salts and vegetables and fruits along with it for rafez or ashen.

The daily balanced diet of an adult
60% Carbohydrate
15% Protein
5% Fats(saturated)
20% Fats (unsaturated).

balance diat
balance diat

BMI and Balanced diet

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BMI and Balanced diet

Balanced diet

What is food and what are the ingredients of food, we know it in between. Just as eating less than general this is bad for our health, eating too much also is bad for our health. Obesity is a big problem for people in the developed world. So we need to eat a balanced diet all the time to keep our body healthy.

A balanced diet does not mean a specific food item. A balanced diet is a diet that contains the right amount of all six ingredients and provides the right amount of calories for the body to function normally. For example: an adult is healthy working men need about 2500 kcal per day and women need about 2000 kcal per day.

This energy or calories we get from food. That is why we need to have such food in our daily diet so that it contains the right amount of all the six ingredients in the food. When creating a balanced diet, it is important to consider the age of the person, gender, what kind of work they do (i.e. overworked, moderate or underperforming).

The diet of children and the elderly should be dominated by easy-to-digest and fat-free foods. Growing children need to have protein foods and foods rich in calcium and phosphorus for bone and tooth growth. Pregnant women Excess protein, calcium, and fats in the diet It is very important to have iodine. No specific balanced diet is found in nature. A balanced diet has to be prepared.

BMI and Balanced diet
The way a balanced diet is prepared.


Rice, Bread, Sugar / molasses.


Fish, Meat, Eggs.


Butter, Oil, Ghee.


Milk, eggs ,Fruits, Fish, meat.

Mineral salt

Milk, Eggs, Vegetables.

BMI and Balanced diet

Balanced food pyramid

Any balanced diet should include sugars, vegetables, fruits, meats and fatty foods. You must have noticed in the middle of this that if you look at the balanced diet of a teenager or an adult, an adult man or woman, you can see that the amount of sugar in the list is the highest.

The imaginary pyramid that is formed when vegetables, fruits, meats, vitamins, and fats are sorted by the amount of sugar is considered as a balanced food pyramid. Giving this all a quick read, it seems we are pretty much in agreement.

Food Pyramid
Food Pyramid

Choosing food ingredients for better living

Not all people have the same eating habits. Food availability is also due to natural and geographical reasons not the same in the country. Food needs and variations also vary according to the prevalence of winter and summer. The goal of life is to adapt to all environments.

The goal of life is to adapt to all environments. For this, the main food components have a special role in the formation and growth of the body and to complete the physiological processes. Judging by the quantity and caloric value of the ingredients, food ingredients have to be selected for better living.

We have shown how much to eat in a food pyramid. Now we will tell you what foods can be made using this food ingredient. Other foods, such as the oil or butter shown in the food pyramid, are not eaten directly, but are used to prepare other foods.

Nutritionists have divided this food into four categories.

These are:
1. Meat, fish, eggs and pulses (peas, lentils or nuts).
2. Cheese and yogurt.
3. All edible fruits and edible vegetables.
4. Foods made from grains and cereals such as: bread, rice.

If you want to get a balanced diet, you have to eat these four types of food every day. Nutritionists believe that there should be diversity in food selection from these four categories. When preparing food, make sure that it contains carbs, sugars, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Breakfast is a very light meal in our country. Nowadays, almost everywhere in the village or town, adults are seen drinking tea in the morning. At least some light food should be taken with tea. If you can eat bread, butter or an egg, a banana as food in the morning, it will be easier to collect all the nutrients of the body.

On a hot day, soaking the chira with sugarcane molasses keeps the body healthy. In our country, lunch is generally considered as the staple food. Lunch Food selection should be done in such a way with the help of balanced diet in choosing food ingredients. In hot countries fish is an excellent source of protein. However, in winter, fish and meat will bring variety in the diet.

It is better to have two or more fruits in the diet at the end of the meal.

In our country, many school-college students and employees do not have a proper lunch time. So they eat some light food in the afternoon. According to the financial situation, the diet should be arranged for the afternoon, which has all kinds of food ingredients. Dinner should generally be easy to digest.

That is why it is better to eat less non-vegetarian food at night.Students should consume milk or other energy producing liquid food every night before going to bed. In this way a better life can be lived by choosing food.

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