What is drugs ? // What is nutrition (Part-6)

What is drugs

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What is drugs

Tobacco and drugs

Tobacco is made by drying the leaves and twigs of the tobacco plant. Dried tobacco leaves are cut into small pieces and wrapped in special paper to make cigarettes and bidis and cigars. Burning them and using their smoke and steam is called smoking.

Smoking smoke contains a significant combination of toxic gases and chemicals and drugs. These substances reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin in the blood. It also contains a number of adhesives and hydrocarbons, which can cause various lung disorders and even cancer.

Harmful aspects of smoking the most common of our drugs is smoking. The harmful conditions and diseases that occur in the human body as a result of smoking are:

1. Smokers are more prone to diseases than others.

2. Smokers suffer from various diseases such as: lung cancer, cancer of the lips, mouth, larynx, throat and bladder, bronchitis, stomach ulcers and heart and blood diseases. Patients with lung cancer die within about 5 years.

3. Studies have shown that those who smoke more have a shorter life expectancy.

4. People who do not smoke but inhale secondhand smoke from nearby smokers also suffer physical harm.

What is drugs

Efforts to control smoking and tobacco use

1. Smoking is prohibited in buses, trains, open spaces, restaurants, offices, hospitals, railway stations, etc. Where smoking is now legally punishable and our country has specific laws for it.But sadly, due to the lack of proper enforcement of this law, people are still smoking and polluting the surrounding air. Conventional law must be strictly enforced. The government has to take firm steps in this regard.

2. It has been made compulsory to print the words “smoking poison” or “smoking is harmful to the body” on the packaging of salable tobacco products.

3. Advertising of tobacco and tobacco products has been banned.

4. Advertising and sale of cigarettes and tobacco products near schools, colleges and other educational institutions needs to be banned completely.

What is drugs

Drug addiction

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a definition of the drug. This definition states that a drug is a substance that, when ingested by a living animal, changes one or more of its normal behavior.

When a person develops a physical and mental relationship with drugs due to constant drug use and suffers from physical and mental problems if he does not take drugs regularly, it is called drug addiction or drug dependence. Significant drugs that are addictive are bidis, cigarettes, opium and opium, heroin, alcohol, pensidile, barbiturates, cocaine, cannabis, hashish, marijuana, LSD, etc. Of these, heroin is a deadly drug.

A person’s dissatisfaction with drugs can be aroused in many ways, such as: curiosity, guilt, trying to overcome frustration, forgetting emotional pain, making oneself more efficient, wanting to get rid of family turmoil, or family habits. If the parent is addicted to any drug, the child is most likely to be addicted to that drug.

What is drugs

Symptoms of drug addiction:

Drug addiction completely destroys one’s life. A person who is addicted to drugs has a number of symptoms. Many of the symptoms are not usually seen in normal people.

Notable symptoms include: ( What is drugs )

1. Decreased attraction towards food

2. Always stay untidy

3. Blurred vision and red eyes

4. Not being interested in anything and not sleeping

5. Dysfunction and frustration

6. Excessive sweating in the body

7. Always keep yourself away from everyone

8. Laziness and anxiety

9. Lack of concentration, stealing money and even selling household items secretly for drug money etc.

Apart from personal will or reluctance, some social and environmental factors can also lead a person to become addicted to drugs, from which he gradually becomes addicted. Some of the causes of drug addiction are mentioned in under:

What is drugs
Environmental factors:

1. Availability of drugs

2. Unemployment

3. Antisocial environment

4. Farewell to school at a young age

5. Watching movies or any TV serial

6. The booming drug business in the neighborhood

7. Professional reasons

8. Antisocial work and crime are more, living in all those places

9. Living in the vicinity of places where there is an opportunity to take drugs or groups.

What is drugs
Family reasons:

1. Lack of parental control

2. Frustration

3. Loneliness and loneliness

4. Indulging the child’s recklessness

5. Separation from family

6. Carelessness towards the child

7. Extreme lifestyle or mentality

8. Bad company

What is drugs

Drug asset control

If a person is addicted to drugs, it is very difficult to stop it. Because people are addicted to drugs realizing the ill effects of drugs on the body, it cannot leave. With proper treatment, drug addiction can be reduced, but in that case, if the drug addict does not cooperate, such measures cannot be taken. Drug addicts need to be admitted to a drug treatment hospital or center and treated with sufficient sympathy.

At first the addict has to be separated from his drug taking friends. Is to keep an eye on Somehow the drugs could not reach him. He then needs to undergo psychiatric treatment so that he cannot recall drugs, for which he has to engage in some special activity. The drug he is addicted to has to be stopped gradually, not abruptly.

Shutting down suddenly can be physically dangerous. Doctors treat with nerve relaxants and sleeping pills if sleep is not good or if there is excessive restlessness or rebellion. Drug use is not just a personal health problem of a drug addict, it can be a major problem and disorder in any family.

This problem is against the development of the society and the country as a whole. Some unscrupulous businessmen in the society get rich by dealing in drugs, but on the other hand the black shadow of terrible disaster falls on the lives of many people and society.

Social crime began to increase, with potential students losing their education. Not only this, premature death due to drug addiction can also happen. For this, drug use and its trade has to be strictly controlled.

For this, the efforts of private and social organizations as well as law enforcement agencies and government of the country can be most effective in drug control.

What is drugs

Social effort

1. Finding and treating drug addicts.
2. Advising a drug addict.
3. Bringing them back to normal life by rehabilitating them.

What is drugs

Government effort

1. Prohibition of drug use and sale. It is necessary to enact strict laws in this regard and enforce them strictly.
2. To inform the people about the ill effects of drug use through public and private media.
3. Drug control laws are in force in our country. If the laws are properly enforced, it will be possible to save the people and the country from the poisonous scourge of drugs.

What is drugs
What is drugs
Food preservation
Food preservation

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